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Great On Our Own, Best Together!

Welcome to Cox Academy: Fostering Leaders Through Quality Education

Cox Academy proudly stands as an esteemed charter school, holding authorization from the Alameda County Office of Education. Situated in the vibrant Elmhurst neighborhood of East Oakland, our school is dedicated to providing an exceptional educational journey for students spanning TK-5. Rooted in our commitment to nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving, and the practical application of knowledge, Cox Academy prepares students for triumphs in higher education and beyond.

Empowering Future Leaders and Community Stewards

At Cox Academy, we go beyond traditional academics. We mold students into proficient thinkers of the 21st century, arming them with essential skills and strategies for lifelong learning. Unlike schools solely focusing on mathematical and language arts success, we equip our students with tools to excel as forward-thinking individuals.


Holistic Approach to Education

Our approach embraces the whole child. With a comprehensive tiered system of support and intervention for students and families, Cox Academy stands apart. Our belief in student leadership and stewardship within the community underlines our commitment.


A Diverse Learning Experience

Cox Academy provides an enriching curriculum. Beyond core academics, students relish four special classes weekly: hands-on science, art, physical education, and leadership (MAPS). In grades 3-5, students encounter departmentalized teaching, empowering them with dual content instructors for English Language Arts and Math.


Fostering Leadership Through Collaboration

Our mission thrives through close collaboration with parents and community partners. By personalizing instruction using diverse technologies, Cox Academy shapes students who are agile in accessing, applying, and mastering learning content.


Address: 9860 Sunnyside Street, Oakland, CA 94603

Phone Number: 510-904-6300

Fax Number: 510-904-6329

Principal: Omar Currie |

Assistant Principal: Courtney Morales Rosen |

Site Operation Manager: Sophia Ramirez |

Junior Office Manager: Mayra Rocha |

Family Coordinator: Emely Nunez | 

Dean of Students: Josie Williams |

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